Monday, April 6, 2015

Leandra Green, "Woman on the Move"

Today's featured “Woman on the Move” is, Leandra Green, Author, Blogger, high impact motivational speaker, and teacher. Leandra will be launching her first book entitled, Inspired and Redeemed, “Quickened to Change” on April 25th. 

She is the oldest daughter of Bishop Calvin and First Lady Deborah Scott of Believers Temple Word Fellowship Church. Her story is captivating and is a testament that there is life after the storm. When challenged with having to face the hard truth about the brokenness of her past, she found herself in a very destitute place in life. She realized that going beyond her education, her accomplishments, her marriage, and even her social status, were some painful places that still lingered in her life. The reality was she needed God like never before!!

During this time, she struggled with depression and suicide and found them both to be her driving force. The combination of the two almost caused her to forfeit her destiny. After overcoming the storm of the century she now teaches and speaks into the lives of broken women from all over the world.  Through her transparent testimony seasoned with humor, compassion, and revelatory insight, Leandra Green opens minds and touches hearts with biblically-based principles of personal empowerment and inner healing. 

She is in the beginning stages of starting a non-for-profit organization called “Inspired and Redeemed.” This organization will empower women to understand “WHY” they exist. This organization will also inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to use their pain to push them into a place of purpose.

Leandra is definitely walking in her purpose and is a true "Woman on the Move."  I celebrate this gorgeous Woman of God who has truly touched my life and others who know her.  I am proud to call her my Sister in Christ.  Let's support and celebrate Mrs. Leandra Green.

       Her new book is available for pre-order, April 8, 2015              

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Leandra, living life & walking in purpose.

"Loving the Lord & Loving Life"

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