Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Fashion


Sweatshirt from Dentz Denim: (Large)IG @dentzdenim, use Promo code Fashionremix
  for 20% off your purchase.  Camo pencil skirt (Small) from: IG @houze_of_diamondz
Combat boots from Macy's

Anyone in a relationship knows that there is one date that you don't let slip your mind if you don’t want problems; “February 14th, Valentine’s Day.”  Why is this date so important and where did it all originate?

There are many stories told; however they all suggest that a Catholic by the name of Saint Valentine performed secret marriages that were forbidden in the Catholic Church during that time.  Saint Valentine disagreed and went against this principal by secretly marrying young lovers.  He was later exposed and incarcerated for going against Catholic Law.  While in jail the Jailor’s daughter would secretly come visit him.  They fell in love and prior to his death he was known for writing the first Valentine’s letter or love letter to her signed, from “Your Valentine.”  Source: (

February 14th has since become a holiday recognized specifically for lovers all around the world.  As women we love to be acknowledged with cards, chocolates, teddy bears, or other special gifts.  Restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, concerts, and romantic venues usually sell out on this day.  We shop and we go out of our way to look our best for that special someone.

Today, I decided to wear something red that spoke “Love” very loudly, lol.  I decided to wear my gorgeous red “Love” sweatshirt from Carolyn of Dentz Denim.  My only dilemma was how to incorporate a slouchy off-the shoulder sweatshirt, which is mostly worn casual on a day that I was expected to dress-up.  I decided to pair my flaming hot red shirt with my gorgeous Camouflage pencil skirt that I purchased from my good friend’s boutique; Tahle of Houze of Diamondz.

How do you think I did?  How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?  Did you get dressed up or not?  I would love to hear your feedback, please leave a comment.

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  1. Wow. You are looking like your sweater says you look. First there's those wild free curls that show your free and confident character. Then there is that lovely sweater that gives off such a graceful peaceful feeling, and was a perfect match with that really really tight and sexy skirt that gives you that great edgy vibe, especially with those sexy hardcore combat boots. This has got to be my favorite of all your looks. You sure chose wisely and followed the sazz in you all the way through with this one. Keep up the confident style and charm.


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