Monday, May 25, 2015

Maxi Season!!!

I just love pairing maxi skirts and spring dresses with warm weather. It not only looks good but you can find all kinds of textures, shapes, and patterns that you can dress up, dress down, and even use to throw on something colorful. Reach for this especially when you’re feeling like the “only girl in the world” as spring dresses have a tendency to bring out our ultra feminine side with ruffles, cascades, t-straps, off-shoulder necklines, eyelets, and even pencil silhouettes.

Here are a few more reasons why you may want to consider falling in love with them too:

·         Maxi skirts work with all shapes and body types because they hug where you want them to and come away from the areas you want to hide. The only thing left to do is to find one with a length you love which can stop at your ankle or even the floor for maxi-skirts or higher if wearing a Spring dress.

·         Maybe you’re the type of girl to base your whole ensemble on your shoe. Well pairing maxi-skirts and dresses with your shoes is easy. You can show off a chunky sandal, a stiletto sandal, kitten heels, or even a pair of flops and still exude that you’re all woman.

·         Bring on the color! Bright oranges, yellows, blues, greens, pinks, red, and striking patterns are usually something most stay away from but I say run right into wearing color. If you’re timid about it, then put on a colorful skirt and select a shirt, cardigan, or jacket in neutral solid colors to slowly ease yourself into wearing color. After a while, you’ll feel comfortable enough to try on a colorful spring dress or even a bright top.

·         Maxi-skirts double as dresses (especially if you’re 5 feet tall and under)! You can pull them up above your chest and tie with a skinny belt over the waist for a strapless a-line look OR pull the skirt 1” above your navel and wear a 2” belt that covers the waist.

·         They’re breathable! Most skirts and dresses are made of a breathable knit that lets you feel the breeze while you inhale and exhale confidence all the way to your destination.

There are all kinds of ways to put everything together with a maxi-skirt or spring dress and you know I don’t mind showing you how I do it! Take a look at these pretties that certainly made me feel good and were a pleasure to wear.

I’ve listed where I purchased each part of my ensemble so you can take a look and buy what grabs you instead of letting what you grabbed wear you.

How do you wear your skirts and dresses? Drop a photo in the comments so we all can see at

Memorial Day Maxi Dress:
Maxi Dress: Venus Boutique
Denim Vest: Gordman's
Sandals MK, Nordstrom's
Sunglasses: Tory Burch, Macy's

Visiting my mother at Jefferson Barrack's National Cemetery

R.I.P. Moma

Tye Dye Maxi Dress: Guess, ordered online (old)
Sandals: DSW

Always admiring my shoes!!!

Maxi Dress: Forever 21
Tye Dye Sweatshirt: T.J. Maxx

Maxi Dress: Arden B (old)

Denim Jacket: Nordstrom
Maxi Skirt: Arden B (Old)
Clutch: Nordstrom
Yellow shoes: Baker's

Chevron Maxi Dress: Arden B (old)

Maxi Dress: Arden B (old)

Polka Dot Maxi Skirt: Fashion Remix
Tank Top: Target
Necklace: Fshion Remix Boutique

I had a "Ladies Night Event" at my home & the attire was "Maxi Dresses"
All the ladies loked gorgeous!!!

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