Monday, May 11, 2015

My Birthday Fashion

My birthday is May 9th, and this year like so many others; it fell on Mother’s Day weekend.  Previous years it’s even fallen on Mother’s Day, so this is always special for me, or not, lol.  Thankfully, my husband doesn’t cheat me and always goes out of his way to make both days extra special for me.

Let’s talk birthday fashion.  I must admit I don’t casually think about fashion when it comes to my Special Day, because it’s more like a Holiday to me.  I searched Fashion Boutiques, Instagram pages, Facebook pages, and online stores looking for something that would suit my fashion taste.  I didn’t have a specific look in mind, I just knew when I saw it, I would know.  Thankfully my cousin’s boutique received a new shipment of denim high-low skirts.  When I first saw them my thought was wow that’s it, “If I can find the perfect top, this would work great.”  I wasn’t quite sure what I would be doing for my birthday, but somehow I knew it would end with a nice dinner with friends and family, plus a chance to wear my well thought out birthday outfit, lol.

Yall, I searched high and low looking for a crop top.  Not just any crop top, not a crop top that reveals too much, but a crop top that would fall just right.  I absolutely love denim and this particular skirt came with enough material to tie a large bow right in the front.  I didn’t want to wear a tucked top, and I didn’t want anything that would prevent this bow from being seen; it was the centerpiece.  I was lucky enough to find the perfect crop top at a vendor event that my boutique was participating in.  There it was displayed so nicely on the vendor’s table two booths down from us; I knew when I saw it that it would pair perfectly.  I felt like a kid in a candy store when I happily paid for my purchase.  Whewwww, that’s it; I knew I already had the perfect accessories at home considering our boutique specializes in accessories plus I’m always supporting other boutiques by making purchases from them.  This was the easy part; I knew I would be able to pull the rest together without a problem.

 Here’s what I came up with for my birthday outfit; details of boutique names and contact info is listed under the pictures.  Please follow and support and feel free to comment and share your thoughts and ideas.
The gorgeous crop top is from an Online Boutique.
The owner is the designer who features a different piece monthly.
Follow her on IG @shoponeonline or visit her website @

The gorgeous gold metal cross-body purse is from Booteek.
Follow her on IG @booteek218 or visit her website @

The 3D gold wire bracelet is from Fashion Remix Boutique.
Follow on IG @fashionremix2 or visit the website at

This gorgeous denim hig-low skirt is from Beyond Beautiful Salon & Boutique.
Follow on IG @beyond_beautiful_boutique or visit her website @
Shoes: Aldo

The back of the skirt is longer with a train effect.
I absolutely love this skirt.

Me and my husband, enjoying dinner with friends & family at Bonefish Grill.

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