Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fitness & Fashion

"Workout Attire"

We live in a society where working out, being healthy, and living healthy lifestyles is no longer a trend, it is actually a must. Family and friends celebrate weight loss successors.  It is no longer acceptable to be unhealthy and obese with no plans to do something about it.  You will not win any brownie points.  With social media at an all-time high, more and more fitness gurus and everyday people are sharing and posting pictures of their exercise routines, tips, and meals. People even check themselves in to let their social media followers know that they're at the gym.

Let's talk about the fashion trends and styles that go along with exercising.  What is acceptable to wear to the gym or fitness facility versus exercising at your own home?  I say, whatever makes you comfortable and whatever makes you feel good about yourself is absolutely acceptable.  One disclaimer:  if you're going to a public facility you may want to be careful about wearing anything that's too revealing, unless you are there for a different purpose other than getting fit.  For obvious safety reasons, I would make sure the attire is appropriate.

 I've noticed that when I work out, if I'm wearing something really cute or playful, I tend to be more motivated and I have a better workout.  It's something about how you look and feel in your clothing that makes your confidence level go from 5 to 10 instantly.  The clothes you work out in don't have to be labels or expensive items.  I usually purchase pieces that are very affordable from Marshall's, Target, or TJ Maxx.  The more colorful the outfit is, the more pumped and motivated I am about my workout.  I challenge you to post a picture of yourself at the gym or a before or after workout picture to your social media forum; watch the "likes," and comments you receive.

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