Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stop & Read Before You Try Another Natural Hair Product!!!

There are different strokes for different folks!  While that catch phrase can be applied to anything, I’m only referring to the stroking we do to our hair.  With so many products on the market for natural hair, it’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars trying to find out which product works best for your type of hair.  Some products work better than others and some products, while they work well, don’t have a lasting effect on the outcome of your style.

If you don’t know already, allow me to be the first to tell you that the tighter your curl, the more moisture you’ll need but how will you know what products have more nourishment than chemicals and which one works for you AND you know I am happy to break it all down for you, right? Right!


Let’s start with IDENTIFYING YOUR CURL PATTERN by taking a look at this chart:  

To figure out where you fit in on this chart, part your hair at the crown and wet about a half inch of strands with your fingers to see your curl pattern clearly.  All hair types need moisture in order to prevent breakage but the curliest texture needs the most moisture.  It’s not necessarily a matter of culture but moreso the ability for moisture to soak into the strand.  Straight and wavy hair or curly hair that isn’t tightly wound are easily and readily accessible for moisture where as moisture for curlier hair types have to work their way round and round from bottom to top to fully nourish each strand.


Now, when looking for products that work, I suggest all hair types to stay away from products that contain salt (sulfate) and large amounts of alcohol (-ethyl’s, etc) as they strip the scalp of the natural oils needed for the hair strands.  At the same time, those who have no curls or are less curlier than 4A-4C, you don’t need products that contain heavy moisture or it may simply weigh the curls down with excess oils.  So how do we know what to use and what to look for?  Read the ingredients!  Ingredients are listed most to least so whatever you see as the first 5 ingredients in any product is what the product is primarily made of.


For hair types 1-2C:           Stay away from products that list nourishing oil within the first 5 ingredients. 

Your moisture should fall within the 6th to remaining ingredients. 


For hair types 3A-3C:         Try to use products that list nourishing oil as the 4th ingredient to give you a balance on moisture.


For hair types 4A-4C:         Make sure to use products that list nourishing oil as the 2nd -3rd ingredient in the ingredient list.


There you have it!  A quick and easy reference to what to look for when trying new products or even deciding to keep using the ones you already have.  Now that you know what “stroke” should work for you, head over to to find something fabulous to wear with your gorgeous hair!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Young Woman on the Move," Jessica Wright

I am excited and proud to introduce to you, Ms. Jessica Wright.  I am featuring Jessica as my “Young Woman on the Move” for so many great reasons.  She is the essay winner for Fashion Remix Online Boutique & Beyond Beautiful Salon & Boutique’s Prom Makeover Contest.

Jessica Wright is a senior at Riverview Gardens High School located in St. Louis, Missouri. Her well written essay detailing her accomplishments, personal goals, and her 3.2 G.P.A. earned her a well- deserved “Prom Makeover.”

Jessica who stands 5’0 is an athlete who plays varsity basketball, soccer, and runs track.  She participates in community service by being an active member of The Teen Health Consultant Program, and Green Back the Block. She also performs volunteer hours at her school.  She has been offered a total of seven academic full-ride scholarships; and has decided to accept and officially enroll in Lindenwood University located in St. Charles, Mo this fall.  Her goal is to complete a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management.  She later plans to continue her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in both fields.  Jessica’s long-term goal after college is to work for a Fortune 500 Company such as Pepsi Company.

Jessica will graduate high school on May 21, 2015.  We are so proud of this young lady and wish her everything God has for her in future endeavors.  Please help us celebrate and support this young lady who is definitely on the move; Ms. Jessica Wright.  Feel free to leave encouraging feedback for Jessica.
Fashion Remix Boutique owners provided Jessica’s prom look accessories to include;  a gold clutch, black matte/tassel earrings, a matte black bracelet, and a gold leaf arm cuff.  We also gave Jessica $50.00 spending money.  Michelle Ashwood, owner of Beyond Beautiful Salon & Boutique completed Jessica’s look with a fabulous new hairstyle of her choice and make-up application.  Jessica reported back to us that she felt like a celebrity at her Prom.  She said she received lots of compliments and many students requesting to take her photo.  We were honored to be a part of her Special Day.  We look forward to sponsoring 2-3 deserving seniors next year.

Hair stylist: Michelle Ashwood, owner of Beyond Beautiful Salon & Boutique
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Jessica, getting her look complete; she looks gorgeous!!!
Make-up Artist:  Michelle Ashwood

No look is complete without the right accessories.
 We wanted Jessica to look simple, yet elegant.
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Jessica and her proud moma.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Torree Boyd, "Woman on the Move"

Torree Boyd, “Woman on the Move”

Today’s featured “Woman on the Move” is, Torree Boyd, Life Coach, motivational speaker, and future author. She is also the mother of two beautiful daughters.
Torree also known as “Transparent Torree,” believes in being transparent; because she considers herself a walking testimony. She is currently attending college for Psychology and Three Dimensional Life Coaching. Her vision is guided by the concept of dealing with the mind, body and spirit.
Torree’s slogan regarding these three principles is as follows:
Body- Having good health means taking care of your temple; by eating clean and training dirty.
Mind- If you change your mind you can change your life.
Spirit- Staying connected with the Father; your life depends on it!!!
The month of March jump starts her year with booking several speaking engagements. Torree participated on a Wisdom Panel entitled, “SASSY Women Spiritual and Business Conference.” She also recently participated in a two hour coaching seminar for young adults. On April 26, 2015, Torree has agreed to be interviewed on a pre-recorded Television Network in New York City.
Lastly, she is currently writing her first book and working on conducting future seminars. Torree considers herself a WOMAN with a VISION and PLAN, in which GOD has mandated. She says people should always remember to "Live, Laugh, and Love."
Torree is definitely walking in her purpose and is a true “Woman on the Move.” I celebrate this gorgeous Woman of God who is being used to touch the lives of so many. I am proud to call her my cousin, and my friend. Let’s celebrate and support Ms. Torree Boyd.

"The Gorgeous, Torree Boyd"
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Thinking of a Master Plan #goaldigging

Torree, having fun with her youngest daughter.

Torree and her oldest daughter. #twins

Torree, keeping her temple right.

Torree, this is her "Game Face."


Monday, April 6, 2015

Leandra Green, "Woman on the Move"

Today's featured “Woman on the Move” is, Leandra Green, Author, Blogger, high impact motivational speaker, and teacher. Leandra will be launching her first book entitled, Inspired and Redeemed, “Quickened to Change” on April 25th. 

She is the oldest daughter of Bishop Calvin and First Lady Deborah Scott of Believers Temple Word Fellowship Church. Her story is captivating and is a testament that there is life after the storm. When challenged with having to face the hard truth about the brokenness of her past, she found herself in a very destitute place in life. She realized that going beyond her education, her accomplishments, her marriage, and even her social status, were some painful places that still lingered in her life. The reality was she needed God like never before!!

During this time, she struggled with depression and suicide and found them both to be her driving force. The combination of the two almost caused her to forfeit her destiny. After overcoming the storm of the century she now teaches and speaks into the lives of broken women from all over the world.  Through her transparent testimony seasoned with humor, compassion, and revelatory insight, Leandra Green opens minds and touches hearts with biblically-based principles of personal empowerment and inner healing. 

She is in the beginning stages of starting a non-for-profit organization called “Inspired and Redeemed.” This organization will empower women to understand “WHY” they exist. This organization will also inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to use their pain to push them into a place of purpose.

Leandra is definitely walking in her purpose and is a true "Woman on the Move."  I celebrate this gorgeous Woman of God who has truly touched my life and others who know her.  I am proud to call her my Sister in Christ.  Let's support and celebrate Mrs. Leandra Green.

       Her new book is available for pre-order, April 8, 2015              

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Leandra, living life & walking in purpose.

"Loving the Lord & Loving Life"