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                       WELCOME WORLD!!!

Welcome to my “Sharing” website.  I cordially invite you into my world  to know the woman behind the many masks.  We all wear a variety of masks from day-to-day, and situation-to- situation; here are some of mine; let’s take a look:



1.  I have my “Army Nurse, I’m at work mask,” this one is quite the soldier, lol.

2.  I have my “I’m your mother mask,” this is the one that you don’t want to make mad.

3.  I have my “I am the wife and when I’m happy the whole house is happy mask,” she knows how to take charge, but more importantly she knows how to stay in her lane.

4.  I have my “Woman of God mask,” this woman has great faith and she knows that if God can’t do it then it can’t be done.  Her faith is what keeps her going through the ups and downs. I never take this one off.

5.  I have my “Grandmother mask,” this woman loves her grandbabies and she will spoil them to the end of the world, please don’t mess with them and we will be okay.

6.  I have my “I am a Home Interior Consultant mask,” this woman loves to decorate and she swears she has her own Home Interior Company, lol.

7.  I have my “I am a Fashion Stylist mask,” this woman knows how to make a thrift store item look like she paid hundreds of dollars for it; she can remix old with new and pull it off with grace.

8.  I have my “I am obsessed with Natural Hair, why did I ever get a relaxer mask,” this woman can talk your head off about her natural hair journey, please don’t get her started.

There are so many more, so please enter with an open-mind and an open-heart; I am just an “Ordinary Woman With a Purpose to Inspire Others.”



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