Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Weekend!!!

Sequin Maxi Skirt

Contrary to what most believe, sequin don’t always mean dressy attire.  You already know, I absolutely love a great maxi dress or maxi skirt, so imagine how excited I was when I scored this gorgeous sequin maxi skirt. I already had the perfect event in mind to wear it to I just needed my creative style juices to kick in.  It was a hot summer day in St. Louis, and I was thinking how could I pull off this look and still be cool.  I found this charcoal gray tank top at Target and once I put it together I knew exactly how I would accessorize.  I wore this outfit to a Father's Day dinner that I planned for my husband, my step-dad, and my brother.  Outfit details are listed below, let me know what you think, I would love to hear your feedback.  Don’t forget if you have a specific look in mind and need a standout piece or a “pop of color” or just the right clutch, head over to my boutique and let us help complete your look.  Thank you.

Charcoal Gray Tank Top- Target}
Long Silver Necklace-
Silver Sequin Maxi Skirt- Venus Online Boutique
Silver Clutch-
Wedge Heels- DSW

Father’s Day

Today was a Special Day because it was all about celebrating the men on Father’s Day.  My husband and I went to church and brunch.  I decided to wear a dressy maxi dress that could easily be worn to both places.  When choosing a maxi dress for church you always want to consider skin exposure and cleavage, remember less is best. You want to be mindful to select carefully, always dress appropriate without being a negative distraction at church.  Pairing your maxi with a cute scarf, a blazer, chunky necklace, or a denim vest will usually keep things in check. Here’s my look for both engagements.  I chose to wear a blazer with my dress for church.  Let me know what you think, leave a comment below.  Outfit details are listed below. 

Black Blazer- Express}
Gold Chunky Necklace-
Leopard Maxi Dress- BeBe (old)
Black & Gold Clutch- Express

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