Monday, August 24, 2015

Let's Catch Up....My Schedule Has Been Crazy!!!

Fashion On the Go

A busy schedule equals a busy life; but we all know that fashion never stops.  I've gone to different events for family and friends and just haven't had an opportubity to post my looks, but yall know I took pictures and saved them for this very day, lol!!

Let's look back and see what I wore......

Today I hung out with my grandson and I also attended a picnic
honoring my nephew Mickey (R.I.H).
This was an All White Event.

This is my grandson Crishon; he's 7years old.

White Apron Dress} GAP
Gold & Wooden Earrings} ALDO's

Today our boutique was a guest vendor at Brandy Butler's
Master-Mind Brunch for entrepreneurs.  I also attended
my friend's birthday dinner celebration.

"If All Else Fails...Accessorize" T-shirt}

T-shirt} Fashion Remix Boutique
Stripe Gauchos & Earrings also from Fashion Remix Boutique
Red Wedge Heels} Baker's

Today I went to church, a baby shower, and lastly
 ended my night by going to a movie with my husband

Schooling a young adult; who talks with their hands??

Earrings, bracelet, necklace from}
Denim shirt} B'Relevant Boutique
Skirt} Pretty Pieces Boutique (IG)
Distressed denim purse} Fashion Remix
Yellow heels} DSW

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