Monday, January 23, 2017

Tips to Create Your Personal Masterpiece

Art in the form of Fashion
Tips to help you create your masterpiece

Have you ever thought about how fashion is influenced by art?   A designer has to consider the lines, shapes, and colors that go into making a masterpiece of an outfit the same as a painter.   Some of us may not have the skill and creativity of a designer; however we may still have an eye for great art and fashion.

When putting together an outfit, we should view our bodies as fresh clean canvas.  We would start our picture with nothing at all.   You will eventually add to the canvas until we have achieved a complete masterpiece.

Before we start painting our picture, we must first mentally sketch an idea of what we want our painting to portray.  Once we have sketched out our outfit, now we can start to see what else we can add to the canvas in order to make ourselves vivid pieces of art work.  We can begin to tell our story through our fashion.

Color Schemes are very important when putting together an outfit.  There are many color schemes that can be used.  Using a color wheel can help you achieve a better understanding of what color schemes are complementary to one another.  The complementary color scheme is made of two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.  This scheme looks best when you put a warm color against a cool color. Our color schemes may also depend on which season we are in at the time.  In the winter you may want to go wear different colors than in the summer. White, black and gray are considered to be neutral, and can be worn all year around.

 Color also has meaning and can trigger certain emotions and moods. Cool colors give an impression of calm, and create a soothing impression.  Warm colors are vivid and energetic.  We tend to dress according to our mood.  If we are feeling happy and friendly, we tend to dress with more vibrant colors.

We also tend to accessorize ourselves when we are feeling good.  A nicely accessorized individual is usually more energetic.  They seem happier than others for some reason.  That individual has decorated themselves according to how they want the world to view them, a masterpiece for all to see.  Just like when gazing at a painting you can feel energy from a well put together outfit.  Have you ever been out in public and happened to see someone and you knew exact what type of mood they were in by what they were wearing?  You can also tell when a person’s mood is slightly down and dark because it will look as if they got dressed in the dark, lol.

If we were paintings inside of a museum, what would people say when they gazed at us?  Would they be able to imagine the story we were trying to tell when we put on our clothes that day?  Would they say that we were masterpiece?  These are thing to think about when coordinating your outfits. Think as an artist. We are our own personal canvas.  


Here are some tips to create your own masterpiece:

  1. Visually think about what story you want to share without ever saying a word; simply by appearance only.
  2. Decide what colors complement your skin tone best; get a color wheel if needed (local fabric store).
  3. Decide if you want to accessorize or not; what will be the focal piece?
  4. Consider the season; do you want to layer or not? ( consider the temperature)
  5. Consider your mood and how it plays a factor in the final results.
  6. Try on a few options and change as needed until you’re happy with your look.
  7. Decide how your hairstyle will tie everything together to complete you final masterpiece.
  8. Select shoes that will complement or complete your look.
  9. Check out your overall look in a full length mirror.
  10. Admire your finished masterpiece and walk in confidence!

This outfit reflects warm colors; however the accessories & shoes make a gorgeous statement.

Complementary colors with a gorgeous statement clutch.

Casual look with accessories and layers.

Written by LaSonya Logan & Tonita Smith
Owners of Fashion Remix Boutique
Let us complete your look, get Accessorized!





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